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Nightgames - Mira Kala


Gather up everyone and check out Nightgames!

Mira Kala is the new chick on the block! Nowadays, this awesome singer songwriter enjoys her life in Belgium. Hoewever her roots lie in the beautiful country of Albania where she spend her childhood years. At the age of 14, she discovered songwriting. It didn't take long before her high school friends started sending her their own beats and music, insisting her on writing a couple of verses for them.

8 years later, Mira drops her first single, Nightgames. The song tells a story of escapism. It's a somber look on life where 2 lovers find love by trying to escape the daily grind. The music video was shot in 2 days by the team at Western Spaghetti's around Antwerp, Belgium.

Directed by our very own Maxim Vincent and shot by Wannes De Houwer.

You can listen to Nightgames on all traditional music streaming services. Itunes, Spotify, Soundcloud and Deezer.


Maxim Vincent


Maxim Vincent

Director of Photography

Wannes De Houwer

First Assistant Camera

Sebastian Vuye


Maxim Vincent

Make-Up Artist

Amber De Graef

nightgames _mira_kala_thumbmail_01nightgames _mira_kala_thumbmail_02nightgames _mira_kala_thumbmail_03nightgames _mira_kala_thumbmail_04nightgames _mira_kala_thumbmail_05