Maxim Vincent

Editor and Producer //

Maxim Vincent is a freelancer editor and co-owner of “The Western Spaghetti’s“ collective. At Western Spaghetti’s he divides his time between editing, producing shorts and trying to figure out what a client exactly wants. (which is… challenging)

He’s interest in editing started during a Bachelor’s program at Narafi. There, he studied how to turn something boring into something that is interesting and something interesting into something that is epic!

One of famous quotes: “When you’re doing something with passion you’ll lose track of time and forget to eat”. These are the moments Maxim is at his prime and loses 10kg and a girlfriend, but delivers a product he’s proud of to share with the world.

He’s favorite movie is “Snatch” and together with his partners in crime Wannes and Sebastian of the “Western Spaghetti’s“ Collective, he hopes to give an awkward speech at the Academy Awards of 2025!